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The Tri-Star, Airport Concierge Services began in early 2012 with the goal of providing the best service receptive, which is to meet the Clients VIP, CIP, unaccompanied minors, groups, hearing impaired, visually and physically with providences excellent airport procedures.

What we can offer:

Reception at embarkation and disembarkation;

Assistance with luggage in the public area;

National Flight - Issuance of Boarding Pass (must enter the number RG);

Flight International - Monitoring at check-in;

Access to the support room (meeting point);

Waiting Room;

Workstation (1 room with 2 tables);

Conference room;

Projector and Wireless HDMI;

Bilingual staff;

Monitoring in case of lost luggage;


Assistance in connection;

Aid delayed flights;

Accompanying passengers with special needs (hearing, visual and physical);

Support for any contingency in Guarulhos Airport;

Executive Ground Transportation with driver (Sedans, Vans, Busses and Micro-bus);

We provide services for corporate aviation executive - Jets and Helicopters;

Concierge "Minor Age" - take care of your child from arrival at the airport, check-in, immigration until the aircraft door, informed via sms, email, phone every step of airport procedures. Ensure a safe journey for your child and no worries for those responsible.

Special treatment for the elderly, pregnant women and disabled people.

VIP lounge for international passengers - Located after immigration. With full services (food, drink, bathroom, etc.) - Open from 05:00 am until 01:00 am.